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Application to collect network traffic information and block sessions

Application to collect network traffic information and block sessions

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Program by: Nextsecurity

Version: 1.4.2

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SwitchSniffer is a program that helps you keep track of what is using the most bandwidth on a large network.


It can be hard to keep track of who is using up the most bandwidth on a large network. Keeping track of Internet usage across a network is important not just at work but also at home. At work, keeping up with bandwidth usage allows companies to make sure that employees are not using torrent sites to download large files. At home, it can help people make sure that others have not found a way to get on their home network and steal their bandwidth. Either way, keeping up with who is on a network and how much bandwidth they are using is extremely important.

SwitchSniffer is a tool that allows a person to easily track and monitor a large network. The program is designed to be used only by the network administrator. The network administrator cannot only track all the bandwidth usage, but they can also control the communications made over a large LAN network.

The great thing about SwitchSniffer is that it allows the network administrator to see a lot of different information. This includes the current state of the given network, the amount of traffic generated by one person on that network, the time that communications are made, the users connected and the users' IP addresses.

SwitchSniffer also gives administrators a ton of options that give them power over their network. For example, they can restrict the communications of some users. They can also completely block one or more users. One of the best things for the workplace is that they can block or limit the type of files transmitted over a network.

There aren't any drawbacks to using SwitchSniffer, but the program does have its shortcomings. For example, there is no notification to let the network administrator know that there has been a spike in bandwidth usage. Due to this, the administrator has to keep checking the program to keep track of everything.


  • Provides the network administrator with detailed information about all the users on a network
  • Offers the network administrator multiple tools to limit or stop communications throughout a network


  • No notification to inform the network administrator that there has been a spike in activity on a network